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Jônatas Meireles

Man 1, Songs For A New World

Since childhood, Jônatas has always been involved with music, starting his studies at the age of 7 – when he had his first experiences with choir singing and music theory. From there on, he picked up some piano and the flute, and never really stopped singing.

Jônatas has been a part of several different choirs, as well as directed some vocal groups, even internationally (including a Hungarian choir). In classical singing, he had his debut as a soloist in Amahl and the night visitors, as the King Melchior. Since then, he has done recitals, reprised the role for an animation of the opera and sung in a Mozart mass. 

Belting lover and musical theatre enthusiast, Jônatas has studied with some of the best professionals currently in the field in Brazil. In addition to performing, he now works as a vocal coach and teaches many students across the globe.

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