Joy van de Ligt

Joy van de Ligt, Resident Musical Director

Joy is a passionate performer both on the piano and as a vocalist. She has served as an accompanist for many shows in the Edmonton arts community and, as an experienced vocalist, has been involved with many productions and prominent events such as the CCMA Awards, the CASA Foundation Gala, and the Edmonton Singing Christmas Tree.

She directed Foote In The Door’s Fringe production of Disenchanted in 2017 and was the musical director for that same company’s production of Company the following spring. Some of her favorite singing roles include Seven Brides For Seven Brothers (Millie, ELM), Miss Saigon (Ellen, TOWTTB), and Jekyll & Hyde (Emma, One Voice Productions).

Joy is a co-founder of One Voice Vocal Studio and has been coaching singers for over 10 years. In 2017, she was certified in the science of vocology and has since honed her teaching toward a focus on the anatomy and physiology of the voice and, more specifically, has a passion for learning how trauma affects the voice and for discovering ways to freedom in singing through healing and biology.

She is a vocal science nerd and a performance mentor. Her passion for music, knowledge of the singer’s physiology, and attention to detail apply to all areas of vocal instruction including function, technique, breath, ear training, range, stage presence, and performance skills.

In addition to her love of singing, she provides training on the piano with a focus on theory, sight-reading, and accompaniment. Joy loves to encourage singers and musicians to realize their potential and break through their self-imposed barriers to embrace their talents and creativity as artists.

In this production of The Last Five Years, Joy is grateful for the beautiful material, extraordinary performers, and the opportunity to go boldly and authentically deeper in the telling of a truly human love story.